Who Is Kiarra?

Kiarra Boulware is an author, blogger, poet, creative writer, and literary content creator who specializes in urban fiction. Every literary piece that she has written is unique but expertly depicts her writing style so that she always connects with her target audience. 

Kiarra Boulware also owns a publishing House, Hulm Publishing (HP). Through the efforts of its ghostwriters, editors, and our entire publishing team, HP delivers the best in urban fiction. HP's team of editors offers premium editing service that strengthens the core and structure of your book manuscript and provides editorial services tailored to improve the quality of your writing.

Kiarra Boulware is also an educator of author development. Believing that everyone has a story to tell - whether you are a best-selling author or a first-time author - Kiarra offers author development courses designed to boost your confidence and provide you with the skills to take your writing career to the next level. From idea conception to writing a publish-worthy masterpiece, she guides you through the entire process.

Addition services offered by Kiarra Boulware include but not limited to ghostwriting, caption creation, resume creation and correction, business plan preparation, non-profit application prep, and much more.

Above all, Kiarra Boulware is a single mom from East Baltimore, MD who believed she could - & she did! YOU CAN TOO!