Kathouse Part 5 - Black Barbie


Upon opening my eyes, I moaned as I gained consciousness. My body was hurting so bad. It was dark but that did not stop me from noticing the gate that was between our captors and us. It was metal and filled with medium sized holes the top. Shelly and I were in the back of what appeared to be a cargo van and whatever road we were traveling over was very bumpy; causing my body even more ache. Still, I remained quiet so that my captors would not know that I was awake. I reached around for Shelly. She was still unconscious, but her breathing was present, and her pulse was steady. Thank You GOD! I closed my eyes and relied on other senses to help me get a little advantage of my situation. Just as I centered myself, I realized that there were three people in the front. The driver was heavier than the passenger; I can tell by their breathing patterns. In the middle seat was a woman; I could smell her perfume, Daisy by Marc Jacobs. There was also that awful smell of Men’s Axe body spray. Why does that smell so familiar? The next thing I noticed was the continuous rattling of a pipe. Probably the same one they knocked my ass in the head with. While going through a bumpy part of the road the pipe rattled and rattled, then stopped.


“Oh my GOD. This damn thing is driving me the fuck crazy!” The passenger said.


“Toss that shit then. I ain’t sign up for all this shit anyway!” The driver responded.


“Toss the damn pole that I hit a beautiful woman in the head with? A woman I actually liked may I add. And have evidence just floating out there.” The passenger spoke again, and I recognized his voice instantly.  It was Shine, the drug dealer I liked from West Baltimore; my favorite client.


“Now you like her? I ain’t hear you complaining when were discussing how much money we were taking up off her ass!” The middle rider finally spoke and though not a woman, I was very surprised to realize that it was Darryl. That puzzled me severely. What the fuck is going on here? Taking money off who? Over my dead body, literally. How do these bitches even know I got money?


“Whatever! Anyway, I’m keeping this with me. Not going under the jail for a damn soul.” Shine responded. “So this is the place?”


“Yes, this is the place. Darryl and I will go in and let them know we’re here and to set up. You watch them.” The driver said and I finally could place his voice. Let me pump your gas pretty lady. Fuckkkk!!!


“Me watch them?” Shine asked confusingly.


“Yes, you! What you scared gangster?” Darryl asked and laughed. “They are knocked the fuck out and if they know what’s best for them, they’ll stay that way. Okay?”


“Mannn, just hurry the fuck up!” Shine yelled as they all got out of the truck. I closed my eyes and thought about what to do. Ringgggg. A phone rung. Ringggg.  It was Shelly’s phone ringing. I reached around in the darkness until I found her phone in her pocket. It was Reggie.


“Hello.” I whispered.


“Shelly Shells, have you seen Babs. She may be in trouble.”


“Reggie this is Babs. Listen carefully because I can’t take long. Some niggas kidnapped Kat and now they got me and Shelly too. They’ve been in touch with Tony. Let him know that Darryl is behind this shit. Him and Shine, my favorite client.”


“Naw Babs, Kat & Tony was” Shine started opening the car door so I had to end the call before Reggie could complete his sentence.


“Mmmmmm!” I moaned loudly to express my pain.


“Oh shit! They are up! Let me go get these mother fuckers.” Shine said and hopped out of the car and slammed the door. I hurried and deleted Reggie’s call and replaced Shelly’s phone in her pocket. Greg opened the back door to the truck and I put my hand up to block the night light that was on the building from my face.  


“We meet again black Barbie. Sorry, for the circumstances. I would’ve rather it been over dinner. But either way, nice to see you again my love.” Greg said and smiled while I felt like I wanted to url. He grabbed Shelly and carried her while shine carried me inside.


As we all navigated through the dark hallways following Greg, who had Shelly thrown across his shoulder like a rag doll, Shine whispered to me.


“I’m sorry.” His eyes filled with sorrow, but I didn’t feel a bit of remorse for him.


Finally, we made it to the destination and if I didn’t see them walk us into a warehouse, I would have thought that we were in a basement – the cement floors and the chill in the temperature. It was pretty dark but, I could smell Kat’s Prada perfume. She was already in the room secured to a chair. After they secured us, they left out. We were all bound to the individual chairs but not very far from one another with me in the middle. Relying on my other senses again, I could hear Shelly chair moving.




“Yeah sis. You good?” She asked.


“Given the circumstances.” I responded


“My shoulder is broken for sure but other than that I’m good. Where the fuck are we though?” Shelly asked as I looked around.


“I have no idea.” I responded.


“Ahhhhhhh!!!” Shelly yelled. I looked towards Shelly, and thought I could not see her, I knew that she was just as fucked up as I was. Not only was my body in pain, it also felt very tense. “I’m going to get us out of here.”


“We are going to get us out of here.” Shelly responded.


“If you paid them the money, then you should be fine. Just stay in compliance and they won’t hurt you. That’s what I’ve been doing.” Kat finally spoke.


“What do you mean? What money?”


“The money for the ransom. $250,000. Tony didn’t tell you? They contacted him. He said he’d contact you.” Kat responded but something about this whole thing was off. First off, How the fuck would they know if I could afford to pay a  $250K ransom? Closing my eyes, I shook my head to rid my mind of the thoughts I was thinking. Upon reopening my eyes, I took a deep breath before looking towards Kat. A single tear slid down my face before I gathered my thoughts.


“Y’all are the business owners. Why the fuck would they call me for $250,000?”


“So what did they ask for when they contacted you?”






“Yes, they wanted Shelly in exchange for you! They never said anything to me about any money.”


“Uuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!” Kat screamed. “Them mother fuckers played all of us. They’re on the way to your house in Philly right now to get your money.”


“How do you know I have money Kat? Or even where my money is at?”


“Tony replayed me the camera that showed you and Shelly packing money into a duffle bag.”


“Okay, and?” I asked confused.


“Lots of money. Money that I know you could not have saved even if you never spent a single dollar of your earnings since you started.”


“Okay, and?” I repeated.


“So, basically the only explanation was that you were stealing from me after I’m the one that helped you get on. Yet, you are always preaching about Loyalty”


“Or maybe I was flipping my money other ways.”


“Really? What other fucking ways Babs?”


“DRUGS BITCH! The only thing that sells faster than pussy. I was taking my earning and investing them in the drug trade with one of my clients. I’ve never stolen a fucking thing from you! Why the fuck would I start now? You really let Tony pump that shit in your head. You dumb ass basic ass bitch! That’s why were never close. Same mother and father, yet we are nothing alike. NOTHING! You let a nigga trick us out of all of our lives.”


“Not really. The trick is only on you. I knew the plan from the beginning. Unlike you, I’m walking the fuck out of here.” Kat snarled.


“Really. You know the plan?”


“Yes, I  do.”


“Answer me these simple questions. Why didn’t you know the ransom request? Why are you tied up in here with us? Where’s Tony? Did you shut down your business? If not, who is running the phones if you, Darryl and Michelle are here? How come he even got a camera in my room? One that rewinds but did he show you who was in Shelly’s car because he swore to us those cameras didn’t rewind?” I asked and by the silence in the room, I assumed that Kat was taking her time to ponder the questions. “Cat got your tongue, Kat? Oh & one more question. How long have you been fucking Greg and does Tony know?” I asked and laughed as Tony burst into the door and begin to beat on Kat.


“YOU STUPID WHORE! HOW DARE YOU?” Tony yelled as he hit Kat over and over again.


“Oh wow! Beat on a woman with her hands tied. You aren’t any fucking better you fucking faggot. You mines well tell Kat how long you’ve been fucking Darryl?” I spat and Tony charged me making my chair fall back.


“You fucking liar! Die you dumb as bitch!” Tony yelled as he choked me with his hands. BOOM! Click, Click! Tony let go of my neck to listen for the sound. BOOM! Click, Click! I laughed as I gasped for air. BOOM! Click, Click! Tony got up and called out, “Darryl? Greg? Shine?” Creakkkk! “What the fuck?” BOOM! Click, Click. One by one, Shelly, Kat, and myself were untied. Once we were free, Reggie lit his lighter and he and I carried Shelly out to his car. Kat walked out after us. Reggie put Shelly in his car as I stood there waiting to hear whatever bullshit Kat felt like she had to say.


“I’m sorry Babs.” She said and lowered her head. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” I stood there with no words because there was really nothing that I had a desire to say to her. I turned and began to get in the car. “Please forgive me sister! I’m so sorry!” She cried.


“Don’t be sorry. Be careful!” I said and shut the door. “Pull off.” I ordered Reggie and he did. “He gotta get Shelly to a hospital ASAP.”


“Naw, Im good.” Shelly said in pain.


“Girl, you are not okay. To the hospital, Reggie.” I said and he obliged, beginning to drive towards the hospital. “How’d you know where we were?” I turned my attention to him.


“Tony called and left me a voicemail about you stealing from him and Kat and if I knew how much you were making on dates and what did you pay me and all that. Then I got your text about him wanting you to bring Shelly in exchange for Kat because some niggas had kidnapped Kat. But when I pulled up to the house, him and Kat were leaving together. I got my wife’s van while my car getting fixed so though, so they didn’t notice. When I walked in the main house, they had crackhead Becca running phones knowing she smoke that shit. I knew something was off. Then I put it together. He wanted you, Kat, and Shelly in one place so that he could go to where you had your money stashed and run off. That made me think of the clubhouse. That’s what they call that building. I stopped going about 4 years ago but I know Tony still frequented there. The mother fucker ain’t got no other friends besides the mother fuckers who go there, and I knew he was gonna need some help. It was pure luck that I came here and found him and the two niggas.”


“Two niggas? You mean him and three niggas?”


“Naw, it was only him, a light skin nigga, and a heavy-set nigga.”


“So, you didn’t Kill Darryl?”


“Faggy Darryl?”




“No, I didn’t see him.” I thought back to us coming out of the building. There was tire marks in the mud that came from behind the building.


“Shelly, can you make it to Philly?”


“Hell yeah, I’m good Babs.” Shelly moaned.


“Go to this address Reg. I’ll make it worth your while.”


“Cool. What’s up Babs?” He asked.


“Tony was gonna run off with Darryl with my money!” Babs said.


“Wait, so Tony is a . . .” Reg began to ask but was cut off by Shelly.

“How you’d know that Kat was fucking Greg and Tony was fucking Darryl?”


“Fragrance transference. When I was younger, my mother’s boyfriends use to be mean and make us sleep in the dark. It taught me to rely on my other senses. So if you are in close contact, I mean hugging someone or cuddling them, their fragrance will offset on you. I been knew, but it wasn’t my business. I knew him and Kat wasn’t fucking because she told me, so it didn’t matter much!” I responded. “Now hurry and get me to Philly so I can kill this faggy!”


“How do you know he’s not already gone with the money?” Reggie asked.


“Because even if he finds it, he’ll die before he can even touch it.”  




“Better believe it! Always a step ahead.”


“My Bitch!” Reggie laughed.


“Thanks for having my back always, Reggie Reg! I got you for life. But you know that.”


“Shid, you the reason I can take care of my family comfortably. Loyalty is royalty where I come from.”


“All day, every day.” Shelly responded and we all laughed. Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family.

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