Kathouse Part 4 - Kat


Kissing was never my thing, but it was different with G. I didn’t wear much of anything in the first place. Just a Summer dress with nothing underneath and some sandals. He greeted me at the door with nothing on but some basketball shorts, slippers, and a wife beater. As soon as we got into his bedroom, we kissed for what seemed like forever as we stripped each other free of our clothing. I held my arms up as if I was working out a kink while he lifted my dress over my head and laid me down on his bed. Immediately, he went to work eating my pussy and by the way he was indulged, you could tell he missed me. As soon as I came, I got up and asked him to lay on his back. Seductively, I crawled between his legs and sucked his dick until I felt the veins pulsating in my mouth. I climbed on top and started riding and before you know it, I was bent over, arching my back for more as I felt myself about to come. I moaned as he thrust his thickness deep inside me over and over. He pumped until we both came. I laid there for a second contemplating if I wanted to go again.


“You want some more?” G asked as I stretched and sat up.


“Naw, I’m going to be late heading back.” I responded deciding to not push it with the time because Tony would know it’s out of my normal.


“Go ahead and shower. I’ll whip you up a breakfast sandwich.” It was the little things that I appreciated. It was late but I could eat breakfast all day. He remembered that.


“Thank you!” I smiled as I made my way to the bathroom. It was beautiful in there. The entire apartment was flawless. One would think that a woman resided in his home because it was always so tidy, organized, and smelling good. But he was just like that, even with his appearance. There was never a time I saw him where he wasn’t dressed nice, well-groomed, and smelling amazing. And the sex, whewwwww! I never met a man with so much stamina. But hey! Here we are! Thank GOD from Whom all blessings flow. I laughed to myself. He never ceased to amaze me. Every single time I “came to run errands” or “took a ride to meditate” as I told Tony, I was never let unsatisfied. We’d been creeping for about a year with no issues. The best part about it was there were no feelings. Well, there were some dope physical feelings, and the attraction was mutual, but we made sure to leave the emotions out of this. Just as I got out of the shower, my phone rang displaying Tony’s number. I answered quickly.


“Hey baby!” I answered and immediately regretted answering in the bathroom when I heard my echo.


“Where you at?” Tony asked sternly.


“Hello. Babe. Hellooooo. Hello. Can you hear me?” I asked and hung up. My phone rung again. Of course, it was Tony. I was out of the bathroom now though. “Hello. Babe, can you hear me?” I asked as I opened the window to heighten the sounds of the outside traffic.


“Where you at?” He asked.


“Leaving the mall. I was on the elevator. That’s why my phone was acting up.” I lied effortlessly.


“Get home now. We have some shit to handle.”


“What’s wrong?”


“Man, just get the fuck home.” He responded and hung up. After dressing quickly, I grabbed my breakfast sandwich and kissed G’s cheek before leaving. As I drove home, I ate my sandwich which was so delicious. G always fed me good. I had no idea why he wasn’t a chef. Or was he because I had no idea what he did for a living. I didn’t really give a fuck either.


I pulled up to my house and nothing seemed out of place, so I was thankful. Shelly’s car was in the driveway and none of the drivers were parked out front which means they’re running the girls to appointments and money was being made. So, what the fuck does he want so urgently? He probably just wanted my ass in the house with him. I was exhausted after that good session with G, so I planned on hearing Tony out then taking my ass to sleep. I needed to rejuvenate. When I walked into our main house – as we owned three on the block – Tony was watching a video on the camera that caught my attention immediately.


“Why are you watching my sister on camera?” I asked irritated and confused. It was no secret that Tony had a thing for Babs. That’s why I didn’t mind cheating on him consistently with G. Shit, we were just business partners at this point because we haven’t fucked in almost a year. He was too busy beating his dick to the thought of my sister. That was fine with me as long as the money kept rolling in.


“Your sister has been ripping us off. Or did you know and it’s just me in the blind?” He said and totally took me by surprise.


“What do you mean ripping us off?!” I asked turning my attention to the video where Babs is packing her luggage while Shelly is packing stacks of rubber bands money into Babs’ duffle bag. Those sneaky bitches! How the fuck that bitch manage to save all that money? I figured that she’d save a couple dollars for a rainy day but damn. I wasn’t one to clock the next bitch pockets but fuck that. She has to be charging her own prices and cutting my throat. Them bitches gonna wish they never played with me. “Why did Babs say they were quitting again?”


“I don’t know. She was rambling about some client following Shelly and got on some protective shit. Then said they were bouncing.” Tony said flatly.


“Who was following her? Did they follow her here?”


“I think she said something like that. One of Babs clients called Shelly by her real name on the phone and left a bag in her car when it was parked out front while she was sleep inside.”


“Whattttt? Babs didn’t tell me all that. Who the fuck is the client?” I asked concerned. I can only imagine how scared she was. This is an escort agency. It’s some sick mother fuckers who call in here and I try my best to employ the drivers/security, but nothing is 100%.


“That doesn’t matter. I handled that part. I ran the cameras and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. You know she’s been working, studying for her finals, and going to school. She was probably exhausted. I told her I’d have Darryl work some hours for her but she said she needed the money and couldn’t afford to take off. So, how can the bitch afford to quit?”


“Right. Those sneaky bitches!” I said in disbelief.


“I have a plan tho!” Tony said excitedly. “We’re going to stage your kidnapping and make them pay the ransom.”


“How is that supposed to work? Babs’ intuition is out of this world and Shelly is practically a genius.”


“Bitch, I got this.” Tony spat and I let him have it too. I wasn’t feeling the plan. We were about to steal from my sister. But I mean she did steal from me first, right? Fuck it! The good thing is that she’ll be forced to come back and work for me. She was my top earner and even with her being gone even a few hours, I’m the money was slowing down. I mean what else was she going to do.


“Okay, but if Babs stealing is what we’re upset about and our issue is really with Babs. Not Shelly.”


“See, this is why I didn’t want to tell you the plan but I couldn’t risk you fucking up my plan. You worried about the wrong shit! Fuck both of them bitches. They both said fuck us when they left out that door with no intentions on looking back. Worry about the fact that they were making all that money behind our backs.”


“Correction. Babs was making all that money behind our back, and I will deal with that, but Shelly is a damn victim. Did you run the cameras to at least see who it was?”


“What the fuck you can’t hear? I told you I ran the cameras and ain’t see shit out of the ordinary.”


“That’s strange but okay cool. I’m down for the plan. How you going to do it?”


“Don’t worry about that part. I got it.”


“Cool. I’m taking a nap.” I said and went downstairs to our bedroom. Quickly, I changed into a sweatsuit before crawling on my bed. I just needed a quick nap. I mean it was late and I was just getting my back blew out then my mind blown with this shit. I just wanted to sleep. My thoughts consumed me as I dosed off into a deep sleep. I woke up to Tony nudging me.


“It’s time.” He said as I opened my eyes. Slowly, I got up and put on my shoes and a jacket. I grabbed my purse and made my way upstairs to meet Tony who I noticed was in the car waiting on me. After locking the door, I went down the steps and headed to my car. “Naw, ride with me. Your car will give it up.” I didn’t say anything. I just secured my car and got into his. As we rode, I couldn’t help but to notice that something felt off. It gave me a crazy feeling almost like I was sick. I didn’t say anything though.


We finally stopped at a group of warehouses that appeared abandoned, and I followed him inside one. As he led the way through the brick hallways, I noticed that he had been there before – possibly several times – by how well he navigated me to our destination; a room that was the size of a classroom with a few chairs. Outside of a few empty beer bottles and a full ashtray, the room was cleaned spotless.


“You’ve been here before?”


“Yeah, it’s like a clubhouse for me and my boys.” He answered but I couldn’t help but to think What Boys? Tony didn’t have any friends really. In the 5 years we’d been together, I only met two. One was dead and the other one we hadn’t seen in years.


“Okay, So, what are we waiting for?” I asked impatiently.


“My boys are gonna help me. I obviously can’t act like I kidnapped you.” Tony responded and that made sense, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that this just was not a good idea. We were not hurting for the money and who the fuck were we to try to make anybody work against their will. Nipping at my nails, I paced the floor back and forth. I had no idea why my dumb ass agreed to go along with this shit. It’s not going to work. Babs and Shelly are both too smart.  


“I don’t think this is a good idea Babe.” I whispered and lowered my head.


“What the fuck did you say bitch?” Tony asked and backed me into a corner.


“Nothing.” I whispered again.


“That’s what the fuck I thought. Those ungrateful ass bitches said fuck us. FUCK US! Fuck me and you. To hell with the both of them. Babs is not loyal to you. I’m sorry to do this to your sister, but that weak ass bitch thinks she runs Kathouse and it’s time to show her who the fuck is in charge. We made her hoe ass. Everything she has, we did that shit. And we did more than help that homeless, dirty foot immigrant bitch Shelly. So, fuck that. FUCK THEM! Them bitches lucky they aren’t getting killed for their lack of loyalty. We’ll let them go after we have the money. Okay?” Shivers went down my body when he mentioned them being killed.


“Yes baby.” I said softly. Something bigger is going on. I gotta find a way outta here. I closed my eyes and began to pray. God please keep us all safe. I heard multiple pair of footsteps getting closer and when I opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe them.  


“What’s up potna?” G asked Tony.


“Let’s get this shit over with. I got shit to do. Where’s the girls?” Darryl asked.


“They’re on the way as we speak. This is going to be a good payout for us all. I'm thinking at least 25 thousand a piece.” Tony stated excitedly. “Oh I'm sorry. Greg, this is my girl, Kat. Baby, this is my boy, Greg.”


“Nice to finally meet you, Kat. I've heard a lot of good things about you.” G said and extended his hand with a smile. "I'm sure you already know my boyfriend, Darryl? He doesn't give you too much trouble does he?" 

My heart stopped beating and I began to gasp for air. 

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