Kathouse Part 2 - Shelly


Ring! Ring! Ringggg! The damn agency phones were off the hook today. I know it’s because I found this new site called Backpage to place ads on. I expected increased traffic on the phone lines but not this intense so soon. Some calls were people playing on the phone. Some calls were new customers. Some calls were regulars. Somehow, they all wanted to talk to me on this freaky Friday. The lines were ringing so frequent that I couldn’t get to whoever was calling my cell phone as I felt it vibrating in my pocket.


            “Thanks for calling Kathouse. What’s your pleasure?” I asked as I answered what felt like the hundredth call.


            “Can I have you tonight?”


            “What’s your pleasure sir?” I repeated a little firmer. I wasn’t in the mood tonight for the games.


            “You.” He replied and I hung up. The phones finally calmed down and I tapped my pen on the desk as I sat patiently waiting on Darryl’s flamboyant ass to come relieve me. I had a paper due today that I wanted to read over one more time and a few errands to run before class.


Ring! Ring! Ringgg! 


“Thanks for calling Kathouse. What’s your pleasure?” I answered.


            “Black Barbie for tonight.”


             “She has a 4pm, 7pm, and 10pm. What time works best for you?”


“Ten please. For one hour please.”


“Same place Carl?” I asked and he paused before responding.


“How’d you know it was me?”


“That’s my job! Black Barbie will be there at 10pm tomorrow. You know the terms and rules but I must say them anyway. Your payment of $400 is for her time and time only. You have an one hour time slot. Any additional time will result in additional charges. We accept cash only and it must be paid up front. Whatever happens in the time you guys share must be totally consensual between both you and Black Barbie. Are you in agreement?”


“Yes ma’am Ms. Michelle!” He said and laughed while hanging up. How the fuck? Out of all the years I worked here, this mother fucker never called me by my name. Before I could ponder on how the fuck he even knew my name, Darryl cam sashaying his faggy ass in apologizing talking about traffic being backed up. I grabbed my jacket and dipped.


As I drove down the street, I remembered to check my phone. It was Greg calling repeatedly. Greg was this guy I’d been fucking with for some time now. Neither of us were interested in being exclusive. I believe he had a wife – I never asked nor cared – and I had school to focus on. We respected each other’s boundaries and enjoyed our time when we linked. It had been a few weeks and though I could use some, I decided not to call back. It was the week of finals and I was in my last semester. I'd been an Honor Roll student my entire time as a college student. There was no room for failure. There was no room for failure. My plan was to graduate in May & quit Kathouse. I already had it lined up to work for one of the most prestigious black owned firms in Maryland, Brown & Associates - owned by award-winning attorney, Corwin Brown. He was young and ambitious just like me and I had done my internship with him every single summer since I started law school. It was a guarantee that I’d be hired following my graduation. I saved up enough to get me and Babz a two bedroom and have all the bills paid for six months so we could establish ourselves legitimately. I know you may be thinking, Shiddd! That bitch better have her half. Truth was, I could never repay Babz. She has had my back and protected me since I came to Kathouse like the sister/mother I never had. I’d been in the system my entire life; abused at every foster home I went to – sexually, mentally, and physically. Babz gave me loyalty, family and peace. Three things I’ve never had before. I wanted to give her what someone never gave her before, hope and a chance. Babz was the flyest bitch you would ever meet and she could style any class of people. You should see her dress up for her clients. One day, she was going to have million-dollar clients to style and I was going to be the first. Just watch. I’d finally pulled up to the library. After grabbing my bookbag from my backseat, I hopped out, almost spilling my coffee.


“You need some help?” A handsome young man asked.


“No!” I said quickly. I had to divert my attention to the library door because damn that man was fine as shit.


“Yes ma’am. I hope the rest of your day is as beautiful as you are!” He called out as I walked towards the library door.


“Thank you!” I responded without breaking my focus on the door.  After 4 hours of studying and completing my essay, the library was closing, and it was time for class. I gathered my things and made my way to my car where I found the most beautiful dozen of red long stem roses on my car with a note, Smart & Beautiful – Killer Combination.


I know normal women would be enlightened but between the news and these case studies I just read for my finals, the gesture had me feeling weird. I tossed the flowers along with my coffee cup and headed to school. After two finals, I was beat but still had to make my way back to work. It was 8pm and I was due back in one hour. I had to stop and get me another coffee. I put the petal to the metal and made it to the house at 7:36pm. After setting an alarm, I decided to doze off for a few. Knock! Knock! Knock! It seemed like as soon as I dozed off, Darryl came banging on my window.


“It’s time for me to clock out Ms. Thing!” Darryl fussed. I jumped up and saw it was 9:23pm. I was running on fumes. I literally slept through my alarm which was still going off.


“Damn, my bad boo.” I responded while hurrying to get out of my car. As I ran up the steps to the door, Darryl called out to me.


“Bitch you know I’m coming in late tomorrow right?” He said without turning around.


“Yeah, yeah! What’s new bitch? Your ass is always late.” I said and laughed while spinning around to give him the finger. I noticed that I left my car inside light on so I ran back down the steps to turn it off. Upon reaching my car, I noticed a small gift bag on my passenger seat. I looked around and didn’t notice anything out of place or weird in the neighborhood. I picked up the bag and read the note inside. You don’t like roses Michelle? I shivered literally as I ran in the house.


“Tonyyyyyy!” I called out to the male owner of Kathouse. “Tonyyyyyyyyyy!” I called out and searched the house for him. I was out of breath as I bumped into him in the hallway. “Run the cameras. Someone got into my car and left a bag while I was in my car sleep! I need to see who it was. I think it was one Babz clients. He was trolling me earlier.”


“Breatheee Shelly! Talk slow!” He responded calming me down.


“Please just check the cameras! Someone was in my car.” I panicked.


“Those cameras don’t rewind Shelly. I’m sorry. They only play in real time.”


“Wow!” I whispered as Babz walked in.


“What’s wrong baby?”


“I think Carl is stalking me!” I said lowly. Babz’ dark skin filled with goosebumps. “What Babz?”


“So, when I went to see Carl the other night, I could’ve sworn I heard a girl yell help faintly coming from under us, like the basement.”


“Babz!” I screamed and gave her the look.


“I Know. . .” She responded apologetically.


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