Kathouse Part 1 - Black Barbie


Stepping out of the shower, I admired my chocolate, flawless, curvaceous body in my full-length mirror. Smiling ear to ear, I flaunted my body in different angles. My stylist put a relaxer in my naturally curly hair, and even with my hair pressed bone straight, my roots still exposed my family’s Indian origin. My hair hung well past my shoulders, just above my waist. My curves were to die for – nice round perky titties, fat bubble ass, and thick-toned thighs. My body was bomb, but my brain was the real beauty. I got that from my mother. She was always two steps ahead of every situation, and she taught me and my sister to be the same way.


Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm went off signaling that I had 15 minutes before I was due downstairs. After I oiled my body down, I got dressed. I dressed in all black per usual and I accessorized in gold jewelry. The jewelry was fake as hell, but it looked so damn good. I checked out my perfect full set and pedicure before glancing at myself once more in the mirror. My skin glowed. After I applied a little eyeliner to my eyes and gloss to my lips, I puckered and blew myself a kiss, before making my way downstairs. As I made my way down the steps, my alarm went off again signaling that it was 8:00pm. 


Glancing out the stairway window, I noticed that it was starting to get dark outside. Once I reached the living room – which included an office space – I noticed that my driver was not there waiting on me as he should have been. My client was 30 minutes away with a 9:00pm appointment. I was instantly irritated because arriving later than 8:45pm meant I would have to rush my required pre-appointment smoke session or start my appointment late. Starting my appointment late meant potentially losing a client, because I don’t care what time I start, I was leaving on time. If an appointment was scheduled for 9:00pm - 10:00pm, at 10:00pm on the dot at the latest, I would be leaving my appointment. Besides, my favorite client was scheduled for 12:00am and nobody made me late for him. Plus, I needed time to prepare for our appointment because he was different. 


I’m sure that you have figured it out by now, but if you haven’t, I’m an escort or sex worker or whatever you want to call it. I call it using what you have to get what you want. Save your judgment. Every woman done sold a little bit of pussy before. If you haven’t, more power to you honey. Anyway, my midnight appointment was this hustler named Shine from West Baltimore. He was so sweet and bought me a dozen of long stem roses to every appointment. We always stayed in a finest hotels and ate from the finest restaurants. Needless to say, the nigga was getting money. He also paid me well over my rate for an experience I would given him at a discount. Did you think I was going to say free? Hell no. Ain’t shit in life free; everything comes with a price. I learned that a long time ago.


“I’m sorry Babz! Traffic was a bitch!” Reggie, my driver, said clearly out of breath as he came in.


“Don’t call me Babz. You don’t know me that well.” I said and rolled my eyes as I snapped from my thoughts. “Shellz, I’m going to Carl on Dudley Avenue. One hour.” I said to the receptionist, Shelly.


Shelly, who was more like my little sister, was a young girl going to undergraduate school University of Baltimore for Law but she worked here just as long as I have – about 3 years, since Kathouse opened. She was young, ambitious, black, beautiful, and fearless.  She could be working anywhere but here she was as our office manager making appointments, cussing out drivers, and breaking up little cat fights between the girls. There are three houses, fifteen girls, ten drivers, another receptionist, and two bullshit ass bosses that she had to manage but she does it all with ease. She also does all the marketing, and I don’t know how she did it so discreetly, but she kept the phones ringing with new and returning clients. Many thought she was quiet and shy, because she barely spoke to any of the other people who worked here besides me, but in reality, it was a job and a place to stay for her until she finished school. Nothing more. We were here to finance our goals and that bonded us. She had a plan, and she was working the plan just like me. 


“Yes boo. He’s confirmed and tried to add another hour, but I already told him that you were unavailable. I know you have a midnight appointment, but I wanted to give you a heads up because you know that he's going to try you!” Shelly giggled.


“Girl, I’m going to roll straight the fuck out on his ass too. I don’t have time for his shit tonight. I got a date with Big Poppa.” I responded and danced a little while sticking my tongue out. 


“Oh okayyyy! Big Poppa, tho? He’s not even big!” Shelly asked, confused.


“Shidddddd! Them pockets and that dick is big – so yeah, Big Poppa!” I said and we bust out laughing as I made my way towards the door. 


“Alrighty thennnn. Be careful. I love you Babz!” 


“I love you too Shelly Shellz. Forever girl.” I responded as I shut the door and caught up to my driver. “Stop playing with me little guy. My name is Black Barbie to you just like it is to everybody else. Please don’t let me have to correct you again. Thanks in advance.” I snarled to add emphasis. 


“Man, if you don’t get your ass in this car.” He shot back and shook his head. “Y’all girls trip me out with y’all attitudes. Seriously. That shit is crazy. Talk that shit to them damn Johns you service. Not me. I’m here to do my job and that’s it. You can drive yourself for all that.”


“You know what Reggie, you’re right. I can drive myself but why would I put miles on my Beamer and I can pay you $50 to drive me in your Toyota. Make it make sense. Besides, I like being chauffeured. So shut up and drive please. Shit! Your ass already late.” I spat. 


“I’m going to knock your ass out one day!” He said irritated. I laughed and then he joined in. “You get on my mother fucking nerves girl!” 


“Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. You know that.” I said as I rolled my blunt. I smoked with Reggie and relaxed before I arrived at my 9pm appointment. When we pulled up, it was 8:54pm. Reggie looked at me and busted out laughing. “What?” I asked already knowing what was funny. 


“Your ass don’t play when you said not a minute over. I’ve been driving you over 2 years, and your ass never got out this car early or got back in it late.” 


“And I never will. Shit, when you go to Ruth Chris, they don’t give you no more than you pay for. Why should I? Fuck that!” I said and laughed. I fixed my hair, applied a little lip gloss, and sprayed a few whiffs of YSL Opium over me before my alarm went off signaling that it was game time. “You know the drill Reggie Reg.”


“Yup! If you aren’t out by 10pm, I will come in.” Reggie responded as I hopped out.

I put my resting bitch face on. I was about to make the most of this appointment with Carl dusty ass. An hour only cost $400, but my customers already knew that didn’t work for me. Shit, I had to pay the agency $100 and the driver $50, but I always pay them $100. Who they thought was entertaining a client for $200? Not me. Unless its Reggie, which was my personal driver. He was always paid at least $250 per appointment. Knock! Knock! Knock! Carl swung the door open dressed like a fucking cowboy, and it took everything in me not to fucking laugh. 


“I had no idea we were supposed to dress up. That’s not what you scheduled Daddy.”


“I know baby. I have the extra money right though.” He said and handed me two stacks.


“I don’t have a costume, and we can’t extend. I have an event tonight.” I said making sure he understood the boundaries. 


“I won’t need extra time if you stop wasting it now. You don’t need a costume. Put this hat on and come ride this dick like a cowgirl!” He said and put his dusty ass hat on my hair.


I prayed it didn’t stink, because it's no way I’d have time to wash and redo my hair before I see Big Poppa tonight. I tucked my money and got undressed. Carl laid out on the floor in the living room like always, and I had no idea why because he had an entire house to himself. It didn’t matter to me. I pulled out the condom and slid it on his dick while massaging it. He smacked my ass hard as he grew. Once he was rock hard, I straddled his dick and rode his shit like it was the last ride. Up and down, I went while tightening my pussy on his mediocre dick and screaming “Yeehaw!” It took everything for me not to laugh. He came twice in his hour. I went in my purse to get my cleansing cloths and cleaned myself up before getting dressed. 


“Until next time Daddy.” I said as I walked to the door. Carl opened the door for me as my alarm went off signaling it was time to go. As I made my way out the door, I heard a very fate voice screaming Helppppppp! I stopped in my tracks and looked at Carl.


“Come on babe. Go on. I have to feed these cats out back.” Carl said and hurried me out the door. Was I tripping? I shook my head as if it would clear my mind. As soon I got in Reggie’s car, I looked at Reggie for a second. 


“What?” He asked. 


“You know what? Nevermind. My bad. I’m tripping.” I said as I handed him two hundred dollars for his pay and the agency fee. As he made a U-Turn, we rode back pass Carl’s house, and I could’ve sworn I saw someone looking out his basement window before the basement light flicked off. That shit gave me chills. It may be time for me to throw in the towel with this shit. I pulled out my weed and rolled up. 

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