Hood Love Part 4 - Babs


“Hello there! My name is Detective Lindsay. I am the head of the Baltimore City Police Department’s Homicide Unit. Finally, I get to meet the infamous Black Barbie!”


“Black Barbie. . .” I snickered then continued, “Who’s that?” I asked as I stared at him emotionlessly.


“Okay, I get it! This isn’t going to be easy.” He smirked as he stared back at me. He became nervous when I didn’t break my stare. Got’em! “Okay, fine, Veronica, is it? Or do you prefer Babs. I’m Detective Spence. You know what you’re here for. Let’s make this easy on us both.”


“Actually, I do not know why I’m here. I asked for my lawyer three times, but I  have not been notified. I also asked for a phone call and well, no luck there either. However, it seems that you have everything all figured out, so you tell me. What am I here for?”


“They told me about your slick ass mouth. Said it was cute but now that I’m talking to you, I don’t find anything cute about it.”


“Well, can I talk to they because maybe they will call my damn lawyer!”


“No one is coming to save you! I am the best bet you have to getting out of here. So, tell me what I need to know or sit here and rot! Either way, suit yourself!” He smirked. That smirk was short lived. In walked a gentleman with a slender physique, dressed in a fitted French designer suit, with coordinating alligator shoes.


“My name is Corwin Brown and I am the council for Veronica Lewis. It is my understanding that my client has been here longer than 48 hours, unfed. . .”


“By choice!” Detective Lindsay said defensively.


“Don’t cut me the fuck off again.” My lawyer continued. “Forty-eight hours, no food, no water, no phone call, no lawyer, and no fucking charges. You’ve had your time and now, it’s time for us to go. No worries though, you’ll be hearing from us very soon. Come on Ms. Lewis.” I stood following Mr. Brown’s instructions and followed him out of the precinct.


“Thank you so much. I can’t believe. . .” I stopped mid-sentence as Mr. Brown signaled to me to be quiet and follow him. I did as I was told, and we walked for four blocks before coming to a heavily tinted car that I didn’t recognize. He pointed to the back door, signaling for me to open it and get in. I looked around for anything suspicious or out of place and someone opened the back car door from the inside.


“Girl get your paranoid ass in here!” Shelly said. We both burst out laughing.


“Bitch you know I don’t play.” I said as I climbed in the back seat with Shelly.



As soon as I got in completely, I saw Leaf in the passenger seat staring at me through the rearview mirror. I couldn’t read his thoughts and mixed emotions ran through my body.


Leaf is an alpha male and made me well aware when we met what he wanted in a woman; one that was soft, feminine, submissive, and drama free. I was feminine but being submissive, I had to work on. And Drama? Whewwww! Given the fact that I slid out of my mother’s pussy like a noodle and flew into the doctor’s arms who was five feet away from the bed at the time because they were in between pushes, I highly doubted I could not be drama. My entrance into this world was dramatic so it only made sense that my life consisted of it. Did I mention that I’m a Taurus? Yup. Makes sense now, huh? But something about Leaf made me feel secure being soft. I put my head down before speaking.


“I’m sorry Leaf. I was raise to protect . . .”


“I don’t care about any of that. Pick your head up.” Leaf demanded and I did. He had turned around to face me and being eye to eye with him made me emotional. I knew what was coming. He was leaving me. No matter how hard I tried, I just wasn’t easy to love. That’s why I never looked for it. I usually enjoyed the time and kept it moving. It was the main reason why I never took anyone serious.. “I love you and I will always have your back one hundred percent – right, wrong, or indifferent. But you have to allow me to. Especially when a situation is unpredictable.. Do you know how long it took me to find you? I was worried. We were worried.” He said and nodded towards Shelly. “Everyone was but luckily Shelly knows you as well as she does. Because I had no fucking clue where to even start looking.” By this time, Mr. Brown had gotten in the driver side and pulled off.


“I know. I apologize for acting off impulse. Foolishly, I just wanted to make sure my family was okay, and my big sister wanted to fuck me over per usual. What I don’t understand about this is that she knows I’m not the one that shot her so why did she tell the detectives that I did?.” I said confused. Leaf and Shelly looked at each other before Shelly decided to speak.


“Latif. Latif is a federal informant, Babs. We don’t know what for or for how long he has been one. We didn’t know at all until I hired Corwin to defend you. Leaf is gonna handle that end and I’m going to hold you down from this end. Right now, all we need you to do is nothing. Can you do that for us please?” Shelly asked skeptically.


“Yes, I can actually use some down time. I trust y’all.” I said as we pulled up to Shelly’s car. We got out and I noticed that only Shelly got out with me. I looked back at Mr. Brown’s car to Leaf. He cracked the door and asked me to come to him.


“You know I love you, right?” He asked staring me in my eyes.


“Yes, I do.” I answered and we kissed for what seemed like forever.


That was the last we saw each other for 6 months. Leaf was arrested that night and charged with the murder of Darryl and the attempt murder of Kat. Shelly’s new boss, Mr. Brown, was on it though. He never missed a detail in the case, court appearance, or a chance to deliver a message between Leaf & I. Initially, I cried myself to sleep at least 10 days straight. After that, I could no longer sit back and do nothing. It took everything in me not to kill Kat’s ass, but I knew that wouldn’t help anything. There was one mother fucker that had to go though.


“We’re 90 days away from the club opening. Are you excited?” Shelly asked breaking me from my thoughts.


“I really am. We did it Shelly Shellz!”


“You did it bish. I just assisted. It looks amazingggg in there!” Shelly exclaimed.


“Yeah but you handled the most important part, the paperwork. We are nothing without the paperwork in place. Thanks for showing up and holding it down for me.”


“I told you I got you Babs. Forever & Always.”


“Always & Forever!” I replied right before my phone rung. “I have to make a run but I will be at the final inspection with you later.”


“Cool beans. Where you gotta go though?”


“Girlllll! You all in my business girl! Lol!”


“My bad play boy!” Shelly replied and we started laughing.


“I just want to get some fresh air. Go to terminal Station for some food, get my feet done because Lord knows they need it, look at some furniture for the VIP section of the club. I’ve been cooped up in this house and it’s depressing me.”


“Oh absolutely. I understand that. Well, do you need some money?”


“Nawww! I’m good sis! Thank you!” I hugged Shelly very tight before grabbing my jacket and leaving the house. I had one mission and that was to get rid of Latif’s ass. I had a couple of my girls looking for his ass and it didn’t cost me anything except a couple of my old top paying client’s contact info. That was a small price for what I needed. My girl Cindy had been “seeing” Latif and had it set up for me to “see” him too this afternoon. As I approached her apartments, I made sure my gun was off safety and tucked in my jacket. Once I got to her door, I said a silent prayer before twisting the knob that I knew was already open. I could hear them in the shower, so I took at a seat at her island. I know Leaf asked me to relax and not do anything, but I just couldn’t do that. I placed a small recorder in Cindy’s centerpiece vase as I heard the water cutting off. They were so engulfed in kissing and playing, that neither of them noticed me immediately.


“I’m glad someone gets to enjoy themselves with the love of their life.” I said softly startling them both.


“What Leaf sent you?” Latif asked.


“Nope. I haven’t even talked to Leaf. I haven’t been able to since he’s in jail for a crime you committed.”


“Is that right? & What crime would that be? Being friends with bull who pussy whipped over an average jawn?”


“Naw. Having fucked up aim!”


“Fucked up aim? How would you know, and you weren’t even in there? Your weak ass dipped outta there and left your best friend in danger.”


“Yeah, I walked out of there with my man and my best friend was walking across the stage. Darryl and Kat don’t have a problem with Shelly. Their gripe is with me, so Shelly was in no type of danger. Leaf and I had already left. That’s why I don’t understand why the fuck you shot them and why the fuck Leaf is locked up for it!”


“Well, Ms. Know it all, Shelly hit me and let me know there was a problem so she couldn’t have felt that safe.”


“Yeah, she hit you because you are fucking her. She only told you that she wanted to leave early because she didn’t feel safe. Nowhere in that text did it say kill anyone. That was your decision to kill Darryl and try to kill Kat. Problem is you couldn’t kill Kat. My mother gave her that nickname for a reason and it had nothing to do with her name but how many times she’s escaped death.”


“Well, it doesn’t matter because it’s no longer my problem. Have fun trying to prove that in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt. My reach is deep.”


“Your reach does not go beyond Pennsylvania and where you fucked up is when you did dirt in my city!”


“Again, have fun proving it.”


“I just have one question, what made you pull the trigger at Shelly’s graduation? Was it your jealousy of Leaf or your obsession for Shelly?”


“Jealousy? Jealous of what?” he asked and laughed. “Neither. Killing them was just the icing on the cake to my long-term plan. Put Leaf away and take over the street operation because his ass was too soft for his role. But tell Shelly I miss her.” He bragged.


“These are some beautiful flowers, Cindy.” I complimented as I retrieved the recorder and turned it off.


“Wait a minute. You know her?” Latif asked confused.


“Yup. You know Latif. I know a lot of things. I knew that you were jealous of Leaf and no matter how much I told him, you always played on his love for you to keep a grip on him. But I could see it in your eyes and hear it in your tone when you spoke of him or to him. I know you are obsessed with Shelly which is why I put a baddie that closely resembled her onto you. She even told me how you’ve called her Shelly a few times. I knew that you were an informant too or would become one because you asked too many unnecessary questions. I’m a careered escort. My job is to pay attention and watch out for danger. You, my guy, are finished. Enjoy your day.”


“Bitch, fuck you! You must not know who the fuck I am.” He said angrily as he charged towards me, and his towel fell exposing his six-inch dick. I laughed so hard.


“I do know. Little dick Latif. Do whatever you feel you need to right now because you will never get another chance. I promise you that. You fucked with the wrong jawn. Ain’t that what you call us?” I burst out into a sinister laugh as I made my way out the door. I gave the recording to Mr. Brown who made no guarantees but promised to use to the best of his ability in Leaf’s defense. That was all I asked really because I just wanted to have my man home. It would be one thing if he actually committed the crime but all he was guilty of was being loyal to a fuck nigga and protecting me. I missed him so much that it hurt. He had made the decision that he didn’t want any outside contact while incarcerated, so we only corresponded through Mr. Brown. I’d only see him on court dates and his next one was TBD.


Three months had passed, and nothing changed. There were still no updates or changes in his case. I let my tears flow freely as I stood in the shower. I was missing my man something terrible, but I wouldn’t let that get in the way of tonight. It was a special night for me and Shelly. Our club was opening, and I was not enthusiastic about it at all. However, I put a smile on my face and tried my best to appear happy for Shelly’s sake. I designed the entire club from the inside to the outside, but Shelly was the glue. She handled everything on the business side finding the building to closing to licensing to opening night. She was a hell of hard worker and a great lawyer. Speaking of that, we’d be celebrating her passing the bar tonight as well! I was so proud of her. She found what she loved and did it gracefully. I smiled thinking of all the people I knew she was going to help. My phone ringing jarred me from my thoughts. They’d have to wait. I finished my shower and stepped out to moisturize my body. My phone rung again and it showed Aaleelah’s name. I answered quickly.


“Hey Aaleelah! What’s wrong?” I said in a panic. She & I talked often so it wasn’t strange for her to call me. We’d been keeping each other stronger through this whole ordeal with Leaf. I was just on edge about everything today.


“Calm down beautiful. Nothing is wrong. I called to congratulate you and Shelly again. You two did an amazing job. I rode pass the club on my way to picking up my shoes and had to stop. I was in awe. I cannot wait to see the inside.”

“You’re coming tonight?”


“Of course. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


“Awww Aaleelah! I am so happy. Thank you so much for the support. I know this is so out of your element.”


“It’s for you sis so it’s all good. You are family and if nothing else, we show up for our family. You’ve never seen me without hijab, have you?”


“I have not so this will be one for the books!”


“Indeed sis & remember this is your moment. Tonight, is all about you so don’t worry about anything. Try to just breathe and take everything in. You are more than deserving of this night.”


“Thanks Aleelah! I really appreciate that. I’ll see you in a bit.”




I disconnected the call and went back to getting ready for the night. As I left out of the bathroom, I bumped into Shelly who was half dressed but already looking amazing.


“Do I look fat or bloated?” She asked and though she did look a little, I wasn’t about to tell her that on her special night.


“No ma’am. Get out of your mind. Plus, your dress is layered so no one would be able to tell even if you were.”


“You’re such a bad liar.” We both burst out laughing. “But hey; they gotta accept whatever body I give them tonight!” Shelly exclaimed and we finished preparing for our opening. It was a night to remember, and I wasn’t sparing any funds when it came to us even though my stash had dwindled down. I knew I would make it back though. This club was the first legitimate piece of success that we’d ever had. We stepped outside looking like two models fresh off a magazine cover. I breathed in the fresh air and made up my mind that I was going to let loose and really enjoy my night. When the fresh black Mercedes Benz limousine pulled up, we looked at each other and screeched like teenagers. That was the first of many. We screeched all night. Literally. It was so amazing. Everyone in my family came out; even Leaf’s family. Many of them I hadn’t even met. It was a little awkward at first, having my Mom, a strong-willed Christian, and Leaf’s Mom, a strong-willed Muslimah, there but I appreciated the support. Everything was perfect. Shelly and I were treated like queens the entire night. I was siting in a corner basking in my glory when I heard my Mom on the microphone. I looked up to see her on stage and Ms. Kareemah standing next to her.


“Excuse me everyone.” My mom said as soon as the music stopped and the entire club grew quiet. “I would like to take this time to congratulate my daughters on the successful opening of this beautiful club. That in itself is an amazing accomplishment. However, they have some other things to celebrate tonight as well. Can I please have my daughters come to the stage?” I looked around for Shelly as I made my way to the stage and noticed her coming out of the bathroom wiping her mouth. Her weak ass was throwing up! She never could handle liquor. I snickered and winked a her as we made eye contact on when walking onto the stage. My Mom handed Ms. Kareemah the microphone and she began to speak.


“Babs, I have grown to love you & Shelly as if you were my girls and I am grateful to Mae for sharing you girls with me! For all that you have overcome, were burdened with, and accomplished, it is with honor that I present you both your flowers.” In came four men carrying multiple bouquets of pink roses. Shelly started crying immediately. I held her hand and attempted to reach for the microphone, but Ms. Kareemah handed it back to Mae.


“Calm down Babs. You are not in charge tonight!” My Mom exclaimed and the crowd broke into a fit of laughter. I cocked my head to the side because it was cute, but I didn’t think it was that funny. “Congratulations Shelly, my attorney at law. That’s right y’all my baby passed the bar exam!” Mae said and beamed at Shelly while I joined the crowd in clapping, whistling, and congratulating Shelly. “I love you so much and I am so proud of you. I wanted to gift you something that would be your style but would also help you remember this victorious occasion.” In came a man carrying a huge Louis Vuitton gift bag. We wanted Shelly to open it, but she wouldn’t. She was private like that.


“Alright now! A lawyer! Congratulations Shelly! You Have some potential clients tight in the crowd.” Ms. Kareemah exclaimed as I turned and noticed she had the mic again. “We also have a gift for you Babs and it is from Leaf.” I dropped my mouth in disbelief seeing the crowd part in half while Thee Faith Evans walked to the middle of the floor singing Soon As I Get Home while looking directly in my eyes. In his absence, he still found a way to make this day special for me. That’s what I loved most about him. He was so thoughtful. As Faith Evans concluded her song, tears had found their way to well in my eyes, but I refused to let them fall.


“Leaf sends you his undying love Babs! He wants you to know that he knows how hard this road has been, but he thanks you for riding with him without complaints. However, for every sacrifice there is a reward. Can you turn around please?” Faith instructed. I almost jumped out of my skin when I turned around to Leaf on one knee.


“Veronica, will you marry me?” Leaf asked! I shook my head yes as the tears poured from my eyes.


“Yessssss!!!” I screamed as Leaf held the most perfect ring I had ever seen in a box in his hand. Just as he was putting the ring on my finger, gunshots rung out and the entire club went up in a uproar. This could not be real. 

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