Boss Bitch Part 4 - Shelly


“Carl?” The doctor looked at me confused and turned around to see who we were referring to.

“Sorry to disappoint you but my name is Dr. Frank Wosley. I am the trauma surgeon who operated on Ms. Rodriguez. I was coming to check on her and see how she feels about the news I am came in here to deliver.” The doctor responded and I immediately was relieved. Carl could not speak this eloquently to save his life. I would be damned if they couldn’t go for twins though. I glanced at Shelly and made a mental note to ask her how she knew how Carl looked when all she did was book the calls. She had never gone with me over there and as far as I knew I was the only escort that he would request. Or was I? It would not be odd for him to have seen someone else on a day I was unavailable. Still how would Shelly know how he looked because only men could go as security and drivers. I placed that in the back of my brain for a moment because in reality the only thing that mattered right now was whatever this doctor was about to tell us, and I was hoping it was good news.

“My apologies Doc. What is the news? I really hope it is good because I’ve already been through a lot for today.” Shelly said as if she was just reading my mind. Meka went to hold Shelly’s hand and surprisingly, Shelly didn’t resist. I still didn’t trust that bitch but again, this was not the time to be addressing shit.

“Well, it can be. Depends.” He paused. ‘We would like to move you to a rehabilitation center for recovery. There you will be able to get physical therapy and around the clock care.”

“No offense Doc but I would like to take her home. Is there a way that she will be able to get physical therapy and home care services? She’s been here long enough.” I responded before Shelly could even speak.

“Can we just take a minute and listen to what the doctor has to say?” Meka asked while emphasizing doctor and I almost jumped across Shelly’s bed.

“If you say anything else to me, you will need Dr. Wosley to sew your fucking mouth back together.” I said through clenched teeth and flashed a fake innocent smile. Leaf held me a little tighter and whispered, “Not right now!” in my ear. I looked up at my Mom who was looking at me concerned. She wanted to know what the fuck was going on and trust me, she was going to make me tell her. Finally, my eyes landed on Shelly who was looking at me with pleading eyes. I put my head down realizing I may have done a little too much, but they know I mean well. I am very overprotective of the ones I love. Nothing or no one was going to change that. I was going to get rid of Meka.

“Doc, is that my only option? If not, is it the safest option for me to fully heal correctly.” Shelly said to Dr. Wosley.

“Going home isn’t necessarily unsafe but you will need around the clock care and that can be costly as your insurance doesn’t cover 24-hour care; only 8 hours per day.”

“That’s no problem. I’ll cover the rest.” I said without considering where the cash would come from seeing as though I literally spent my last today on repairs in the club. Think about it Babz! Bingo. I asked everyone to give me a few minutes while I made some calls. As soon as I was far enough away front the room, I called Kat.

“Help me clean up your mess!” I said as soon as she answered the phone.

“I would never hurt Shelly. You know that! Keep her away from that Meka bitch.” Kat spat.

“Enough of that. I need some work.”

“Work, I don’t know what you speak of. What work?”

“This is not the time Kat. I need to do this for Shelly. Set me up for some CosPlay with Carl once a week. Whatever. I need high rollers. I will fuck and suck until I’m numb if it means Shelly being okay.”

“I got you and I’ll pitch in as well. Keep your phone on and please send Shelly my love.”

“Give her a little while Kat.”

“Understood. I’ll be in touch.” Kat responded sadly and we both disconnected the call. As soon as I started walking back to the room, Leaf was standing there. Hurt was written all over his face. Damn, he heard my conversation.

“One second away from making you my queen and you on some nut shit like a freak ass jawn.” Leaf spat and I lowered my head. I know his feelings were hurt because he’d never even raised his voice at me. Let alone, talked to me in such a manner as he just had. “You’re better than that Veronica! Or are you?! He shouted and I remained quiet. I went to hug him, and he pulled away from me. “Don’t ever fucking touch me again. Shelly’s care is paid for. Enjoy life.”

“Huh? You paid it?” I asked confused.

“Of course, I paid it. I would have done anything for you!” Leaf said and left the hospital. I straightened myself up and returned to Shelly’s room. Throwing on a fake smile, I hugged everyone except Meka, and saved Shelly for last.

“Your care is paid for sis. Don’t worry your heart about anything. I’ll be here to pick you up tomorrow and Mommy is going to stay the night with you.” I hugged her for a long while.

“Thank you so much Sis.” Shelly cried.

“Always and forever!” I said and looked her in her eyes. My heart was breaking into pieces and if I didn’t leave out of there now, I would break down in front of them. I didn’t want that. “I have to open the club tonight.” I pulled away but Shelly held me and looked in my eyes. I shook my head no. I couldn’t do that right then. I walked out of the room and rushed to my car. I cried the entire way to the club. I pulled up to the front of the club and it was a line wrapped around the corner for entry. Everyone who was someone was in the building. I could hear Kat in my ear clear as day. Money first, everything else will fall into place. I laughed at the thought of Kat’s advice lightening my mood. I wiped my eyes and applied a little make up. There was a knock at my window. It was Reggie. He opened my door and helped me out. I sashayed through the crowd in the front of the club and smiled at the patrons waiting to get in. Something about the crowd calmed my spirit. It was business time. I could cry later. Right now, it was time for me to wear my hat as the BOSS BITCH that I am. 

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