BOSS BITCH Part 3 - Shelly

“That’s Latif’s number.” Leaf said just as I began to wake up.  


“Latif?” I asked questionably. The last I had heard from him, he had skipped town to avoid having to testify in a trial in which he was a confidential informant that would incriminate himself. “So, he’s back? & he’s working with Kat?” I asked confused.


“I don’t know Shellz. We’re about to find out for sure.” Babs responded as she stared at Meka before speaking again. “You have 10 seconds to start talking before you need your own hospital bed in this bitch.” Meka, frightened to speak, looked to me for comfort, but there was none. I really fell for this bitch thinking she was the perfect one for me but Latif had taught her how to play me the same way he did.  That’s why I prefer not to do the love thing.


“Latif paid me to talk to Michelle and get her to trust me. He told me that he just wanted me to get some compromising information to blackmail her so he can use it in a case against y’all.” Meka said.


“Wait what? That doesn’t make sense. We don’t have any charges against us.” Babs said and I closed my eyes.


“She knows about the Luxe Girls.” I said out loud and let out a heavy sigh. I knew that I had fucked up. No one was supposed to know about escorts our club provided but Reggie, Babs, myself, and the 10 Luxe Girls. Of course, we knew people talked, but that’s why we only service roster only contained elite clientele.


“Shellz!” Babs said and sighed.


“I know. I know.” I started but before I could finish, Meka began talking again.


“Michelle getting shot was not a part of the plan at all. I actually don’t know how that came about but. . .” Meka said.


“But what and when you open your fucking mouth again, I want it to be about what the fuck you do know because what you don’t know ain’t helping me at all. So, it damn sure ain’t helping you. & please don’t think this hospital is saving you at all because it’s not and it won’t. I’ve left bodies in riskier places.” Babs said and flashed a smile at Meka. “But continue. . .”


“The girl who shot her at the club. . .”

“So, you saw who shot her?” Babs asked and looked at me.


“Yes. It was her sister.” Meka said and left us all puzzled.


“Babs is my only sister so explain.” I demanded and sat up as Babs walked closer to her.


“Okay, a week before the party, I met with Latif in Upper Darby and he was asking me to put a recording device in one of the gold rooms. When I left the meeting, I noticed that I was being followed. I tried to lose the car but I couldn’t and it was getting dark. So I waited until I got to Whitman Plaza and pulled over where there were a lot of people. The car pulled next to me and a light skin woman with a bob haircut got out of that car and actually tapped the window to get in my car. I unlocked the door because I felt sae and when she got in my car, she told me to leave Michelle alone. She warned me to stay away or she would kill my kids and I believed her. She showed me pictures she had taken of them at their school and of me dropping them off to school.” Meka continued.


“But you continued to fuck with me. Why?” I asked.


“Because though she was very convincing, she didn’t seem like the killer type. I am more afraid of Latif. He has so many police personnel wrapped around his finger, it’s crazy. So, I figured it was Latif testing me. None of that matter though because I started getting to know Michelle and I caught real feelings for her.”


“Save the dramatics. When did you know different?”


“The second time the girl visited me.”


“So, she visited you twice?” I asked.


“Three times.”


“And what’s this mystery girl’s name?” Babs asked.


“It’s no mystery. Its your sister, Kat.”   


“Why the fuck didn’t you lead with that?” Shelly yelled.


“Because I wanted to get her to understand that I fell in love with you and that I would bring you no harm. I just had to figure out a way to get Latif off my back.”


“And why do I have a feeling that she didn’t believe you like I don’t right now.” Babs asked unphased.


“You are right. She didn’t. I knew she meant business when she came and visited me at my daughter’s soccer game. That was three days before the opening so I called and told Michelle that I was sick and unable to make it to your grand opening. Kat followed me up until the event. Even the day you popped up on me.” Meka explained and turned to Shelly. “You knew I wasn’t really sick and you assumed that I was just afraid for you to come out to your family. That wasn’t the case at all. I needed you to be same from me and the decisions I made.”


“So, why’d you still come?” Babs asked.


“Because I showed up to her house with a dress, shoes, accessories, and wasn’t accepting excuses. I literally begged you to come like a fucking fool.” I answered and closed my eyes so the tears wouldn’t fall. I can’t believe I actually thought she loved me. I had never felt so low in my life. Here I was a new business owner who had just passed the bar exam with flying colors and I couldn’t figure out when someone loved me.


“You are not a fool at all. That girl is a mother fucking lunatic.” Meka said and the tears escaped my eyes as I realized that my happiness as I knew it was an illusion.


“So, Kat followed you to the grand opening to shoot you, not me!” I whispered as I thought about the events of the grand opening. Kat had worn a hat with the brim down low, some black jeans, a black hood and some black timberland boots. I could see her  My heart dropped and I couldn’t breathe. The machine started to beep like crazy. The nurses rushed in and asked everyone to stand back as they calmed me down and stabilized my vitals.


“Visiting hours are almost over. All parties except the guest staying the night are going to have to leave.


“Yes ma’am. I’ll stay here with her. They’ll be leaving.” Babs spoke up. “But can we have a few more minutes with her please? We won’t take long.”


“Five minutes tops.” The nurse stated.

“Yes ma’am.” Babs said then came to me. “I’m going to walk them to the car and I’ll be right back. Do not worry about anything. We got you baby.”


“I really do love you Michelle. I didn’t mean to fall in love with yo but I did and that is real.” Meka said to me and I nodded my head.


“Stay the fuck away from me.” I responded before grabbing Babs’ arm and pulling her close to me. “Kill that.” I whispered in her ear before kissing her cheek.


“Girl I’m not worried about that damn club. Reggie will make sure everything is under control.”


“You know I’m always worrying.” I said and looked at Meka before closing my eyes. That bitch was already dead to me. Everyone said their goodbyes and I closed my eyes to get some rest. I heard the door reopen and already knew Babs had forgotten something.


“What did you forget?” I asked as I looked up.


“How beautiful you are.” Latif responded as he looked me in my eyes with a devilish grin.

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