• Boss Bitch Part 4 - Shelly

    Boss Bitch Part 4 - Shelly
    “Carl?” The doctor looked at me confused and turned around to see who we were referring to. “Sorry to disappoint you but my name is Dr. Frank Wosley. I am the trauma surgeon who operated on Ms. Rodriguez. I was coming to check on her and see how she feels about the news I am came in here to deliver.” The doctor responded and...
  • Boss Bitch Part 3 - Babs

    Boss Bitch Part 3 - Babs
    The walk back to Shelly’s room from the garage seemed so long. I took my time so that I could gather my thoughts as I knew the nurse was watching Shelly’s room for me. As I reentered the hospital, I noticed a bouquet of the most beautiful pink roses I had ever seen in the flower shop’s display window. They were Shelly’s favorites and...
  • Boss Bitch Part 2 - Shelly

    Boss Bitch Part 2 - Shelly
    “That’s Latif’s number.” Leaf said just as I began to wake up.     “Latif?” I asked questionably. The last I had heard from him, he had skipped town to avoid having to testify in a trial in which he was a confidential informant that would incriminate himself. “So, he’s back? & he’s working with Kat?” I asked confused.   “I don’t know Shellz....
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