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As a skilled, creative writer, Kiarra employs her intellect, imagination, and discipline to convey your desired message to your target audience in an engaging way.

Self Love is the Best Love

There is not a roadmap or manual to follow on the path to self-love; although there are many ways that can help you with practicing it.

Being no stranger to learning how to love herself, Kiarra is adamant in discussing the joys over overcoming low self-esteem and eventually falling in love with herself unconditionally. On her journey, she found that she related to many other women who had become burdened with the roles and responsibilities they had assumed, often neglecting themselves of the love and care they needed.

Can you relate? This collection was created for you. May you find a peace, confidence, and a reason to smile here!

Do You enjoy Urban Stories?

Here at Short Story Saturdays you may find the most unapologetically urban short stories. Every month a new short story is produced. Every Saturday at 7pm a new part of that short story is added. The best part is that for right now - IT IS COMPLETELY FREE! Yup; FREE! Enjoy!

Unforgettable Stories | Unapologetically Urban

Welcome to the home of the greatest stories ever told.

Urban fiction, often referred to as street literature, is usually defined by the socio-economic realities and culture of its characters as the urban settings. As an author, Kiarra draws from her experiences and the experiences of those around her to set the tone in her written works. Kiarra is known for telling stories so vivid that you can almost see it as you read them.